Monday, June 14, 2010

Can You Dig It?

Hi Guys…or Guy. I probably have one reader and that would be me.
I have been super busy the last month or 6. But my workouts have not suffered and, in fact I have been doing these super short and INCREDIBLY hard workouts.

If you do not know, get your booty over there and get served.

I was just a bit thrown off by Zuzana’s, shall we say ample and well displayed rack, but the girl kicks ass, no bones about it. I still wonder how she stays put in those skimpy tops?

Try just one of her workouts from the last week. Not one is over 15 minutes and I guarantee that you will be humbled.

Oh yeah, I got hired by the men’s soccer team this summer to do core training for one hour a week. 25 guys between 20-25. Ssshwwing! Baby.!

Here’s a taste:


  1. Good god she has got a great body! WOW!!!
    And have fun on your new "job".....that doesn't even really sound like work though...;)

  2. I've seen that girl's videos on YouTube and I have to say I'm just in AWE of her body. And yes, she definitely has no problem sharing the boobs with the world. I should talk, I can't hide mine!! LOL