Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back in Blogland

Truth be told I started this blog because I started a business. We'll get back to that later.
I used to blog a couple years back. It was fun and then when it wasn't, I stopped. I still read blogs, the same ones I read back when I was doing it. So I HAVE kept up with your guys...just in case you find yourself reading this.

Back to why I started blogging again. I saw an opportunity to become a Beachbody coach. It looked interesting and a way to make some cash doing what I was already doing in my free time, hanging out in fitness forums, supporting and getting support with other fitness folks.

OK, I did think it was kind of like Amway for fitness. Not that there is anything wrong with Amway, it is just an analogy of marketing. You can use Mary Kay if you like. But since fitness is a passion, a truth, a HUGE part of my life, I put aside the corporate marketing feelings and looked at Beachbody as an opportunity to do what I love and get paid. Win-win, right?

So I love fitness. No big surprises there. How does Beachbody fit into that since I am going to encourage and recommend their products? My history with Beachbody was doing the Thin Thighs Guaranteed video (it was a VHS, the Great Abs, Great Buns, and Great Stretch series after my daughter was born. I simply didn't have the time to go to the gym. I stand by the quality of those workouts. By doing those videos and walking, I lost the baby weight. My friend and I had a pet name, the "Squat Nazi", for the women in Thin Thighs.

My next meeeting with Beachbody was Slim in 6. I got it on loan from a friend who raved about it. I though why not? I am still crunched for time (now I had 2 kids) and the others worked. Now Slim in 6 is an entire program to overhaul yourself. I was impressed. The workouts built upon each other and at the end of 6 weeks, I made some great progress.

Enter P90X. I have seen this program ALL over the place. I read about it in bloggerland, it's on TV, youtube, etc...can't swing a dead cat know the rest. I also heard it wasn't a program for the squeamish. You should be pretty fit to attempt it.

So, I jumped on board and I am excited to see what Beachbody has delivered this time.

I am at the end of Week 2. I think this program is hands down one of the hardest I've ever done. I like to think I know what that looks like. It's old school, it's modern, it's intense, it incorporates ALL the elements to really be fit, not just look like it.

So that's where I'm at now. I will keep you posted on my P90X journey and give a little background of my current fitness level.

Jennifer (the artist formally known as Bootsy)

PS. Please buy lots of Beachbody products from me and we'll all be happy...just kidding!


  1. Welcome back to BlogLand. I was seriously just thinking about you this morning as I drove into work (to be more specific, I was driving past the now-famous-Superdome at the time!) So tell me...what would you recommend for someone who is pretty good about working out most mornings, but really does not want to spend more than 30 minutes on weekdays working out (cuz waking up any earlier than 5 am just seems w-r-o-n-g to me right now....I may change my mind at some point in the future though!)

  2. Hi Eileen,
    I sent you an email. But to answer your time constraint workout question:
    Easy, Tony Horton's (the same torturer from P90X fame)10 minute trainer. And you can do more than 10 minutes, but they are fast and effective. They all have a money-back-guarantees. More info:

    I want to add that I am not only blogging to sell beachbody. If it appeals to you, great. If not, no biggie.