Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can I Offer You a Beer?

I'm getting tired of pictures of myself so after this one, I will take a break, promise.

My friend emailed me yesterday and asked if I could get her some lederhosen for Halloween. Now I love lederhosen as much as the next person, but they still are more popular on men than women. Frankly I don't have enough time to shop around or find them on ebay in time for Halloween, which includes mailing them to London. The Austrian post is notoriously slow. The trains are never late but the mail...good grief, Glacier speed, people. Oh yeah did I mention they run about 250-300 euros in the shoppes? That is about 400 bucks for a Halloween costume.
But I did have this little number. Behold the dirndl. It is a traditional Austrian dress, also seen in parts of Germany. Think Munich and Oktoberfest. You MAY think this is a costume, but it certainly is not over here. People dress like this on a regular basis. Kind of like how the rest of the world thinks of cowboy gear. I mean we don't look twice at cowboy boots, jeans, cowboy hats and western everyone else we might as well be dressed as an Indian or a clown. Touche.
I am going to send it off to London tomorrow and because my friend is a righteous babe who happens to work for a cool clothing design and wholesale studio, she is sending a load of cool clothes. Score.
I have to mention I am wearing white fishnets under that dress. My legs and arms are not that mismatched.


  1. Well thank God for Austrian wear and I would love a beer! Sounds like a great swap Jen.

  2. sweet !! I am cracking up at the thought of people just wearing it around all the time LOL !!