Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dressing Room Meltdown

I live in Europe. I am an American. We have this store over here (Europe) called H&M. Perhaps you know it? If not, it is the equivilant of The Gap. The Gap is cool for some things, but I have never been a fan of their jeans. I do have some cargo pants from the Gap or Old Navy, same thing. So when I moved over here, I checked out the H&M for your basic t-shirts and tank tops. Thought I would try some jeans too. You never know.

Well, I will admit it, I get hung up on sizes. Not as bad as I used to, but I have this aversion to wearing a size 8 or above. I want/need to wear a 6. I am 5'9", by the way. Even as I write this I am thinking who cares! Get over the size thing. I should find pants that fit nice and if they are an 8, 10 or 12, well so be it.

Oh yeah, back to the H&M. So, I look at those Euros sizes and grab the equivilent of a 6. It tells you right on the label the various sizes, UK, European, and USA. I believe it comes to what is called a 36. They looked a little small for a 6, but I was not going into the 38/40 territory. No way.

After nearly ripping the seams in a desperate attempt to get that denim over my booty, I was humbled. Could it be that the good ole USA has been making us feel like we are a size 6 when the rest of the world is snickering at us as we dilude ourselves into giant pants with a small number? I am serious a size 10 over here is a 6 in America. I have the pants to prove it.

So which is it, do the Europeans want to make their women feel fatter or do Americans want their women to feel smaller. Or does anyone care about their pants size? Maybe I am a freak that way.

And what is up with Plus sizes for kids???? I just saw that for the first time as I was checking for my daughter.


  1. Hi,
    I just buy stretchy denim in the size that I would like to think I am.. sure enough by the end of the day (or sometimes week) they have stretched into my shape!


  2. sweet !! ... I hear ya girlie :) ... We actually have H7M here in Atlanta so I should go in there and try on pants - I have bought a couple shirts there only ... so, I will let you know if the H&M in the US has US sizes or Euro sizes LOL !!!

    I care about what I see in the mirror mostly - unfortunately, that seems to correspond with a certain number inside the clothes I want to wear !!!!

  3. I remember Pluis Sizes for kids from when we were kids...but back then it was a small section. Now -- it's HALF of the kids' section in some stores.

    Crazy... And I refused to buy a pair of pants just yesterday due to the number I would need in order to get them to fit. Silly, I know, but I have this irrational fear that EVERYONE WILL KNOW that I am suddenly wearing an offensive size.

    As if my big booty wouldn't clue them in?

  4. It's the same in Australia. In America I'm a size 2 or 4 in Australia I'm a size 8.

    I bet thats why they think models in America being a "size zero" is so horrifying though. If I met a girl that could fit into an Australian size zero she'd have to be a skeleton.

    And I think its simply because American women are insecure about their sizes. If they need a double zero pant size, the numbers are too small.

  5. You're forgetting that the numbers mean absolutely nothing. Even between two shops in the same country or region you may find you need different sizes. Really, a lot of it is down to vanity - people will pay more for a pair of jeans with a lower number on them - because they will feel they're skinnier. In England, men's jeans sizes are measured in inches - which is much more sensible I think, as it refers to an actual measurement, and can't be manipulated. People need to stop being so vain and buy jeans that actually fit, cause there's nothing worse than someone wearing jeans that look like they're about to burst. If you're really worried about your weight, go to the gym, a size label won't make you skinnier!

  6. This makes complete sense though.
    An American size zero is the equivalent to an English size four and they go up in twos. So if you're an American 6, you'll be an English 10.
    There's nothing below and English 4.

  7. Hi, I'm Sonny from Chicago, I read an article (I believe it was on the NYTimes website, but I'm not sure)that reported that it is a purposeful marketing ploy to label clothes with a smaller # to get an edge against competitors. Apparently, women tend to gravitate to clothes that fit similarly to other brands, but that have that lower labelled #.