Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Doughnuts and Abs

Here's a funny one:

I teach English to kids. My kids like to join in and it helps because they speak fluent English. Right now we are making picture dictionaries. So for each letter we draw 3 things. We get to "D" and I am sitting next to Nicole, my almost 8 year old daughter. I say, "how about doughnut?" (yeah, yeah, my mind is in the gutter). She says, "what's a doughnut?" She DOESN'T EVEN KNOW! I am thinking on one hand, she is missing some very American stuff here. They do have doughnuts in Austria, but with their passion for pastry, they are not exactly flying off the shelves. On the other hand, I am thinking GOOD, she doesn't know what the deep-fried crap is.

It is kind of snowing. Yup, that's right, it is feeling very winter 'round here. I like winter. Sweaters, boots, SNOWBOARDING, holidays, family, fires, food and COOKIES. As much as I TRY to avoid it I usually put on 5 pounds and then I work my booty off in January to lose it for the summer. It's OK. I usually think it is worth the cookies and yummy food. But last January the thyroid went whack and I dislocated my shoulder and I seriously suffered trying to lose that fat. And I know 5lbs sounds like chump change, but I like to stay lean and when you are losing that last bit, it is tough. Now I am in a good place and I am not so willing to travel down that road again. So I am treading lightly.

SO, one of our cars is in the shop so we are working with one vehicle this week. My son has a Dr.'s appointment this morning and my hubby is driving him there. I wanted to go and coincide it with a stop at the sporting goods store to get some Adidas tights. (he didn't know THAT part)Well something happened and our wires got crossed. He called to pick me up, I was in the shower and thought he was just going to pick me up. Well he didn't when I didn't answer the phone. So I took some pictures because I was in my cute-going-to-the-city outfit. I don't wear this around the village because I would break my neck on the dirt roads in high heeled boots and people would think I am uppidy to get so dressed up to pick up my kids from school. So here they are. I am back in my workout clothes. I teach 2 classes back to back tonight. Can you say circuit anyone? That way I get to blow my whistle and "supervise."

PS. I saw some of the new Beachbody program, Insanity and you betcha those ladies will be doing some of that tonight. It is seriously hard.
PSS. I have to say I am pretty pleased about the abs shot. YES, they need more work and less fat, but considering that I have been basically vegetarian and no protein powder, for a couple of months, I am jazzed.


  1. You look fantastic!

    It is great that your daughter doesnt know what a doughnut is. I grew up with lots of unhealthy foods and it just makes everything a lot harder. When I decided I wanted to be healthier, it was really a struggle and eventually led to some unhealthy eating habits. So I wish I never knew what candy was.
    I guess everything in moderation but I didnt know that then.


  2. Thanks Krissa,
    I grew up without candy and sugar and there was a rebelious period. But when it was all said and done, it was a blessing. I was the kid with sunflower seeds (raw) and raisins in a sea of hohos and dingdongs.

    Still working on that moderation thing.

  3. Too bad you can't wear that outfit whenever you want to .... it's super cute!!!