Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bust out the Big Hair

Damn. I used to love blogging and I actually kept up a decent blog back in the day. That would be a couple of years ago. I tried to rekindle the magic again and it just wasn't the same.
And now it appears I am going to another failure.

But something inside me wants to do this again. Like the 80's. I had fun in the 80's. I want some of that again. So, I am going to wear the leggings and I bet the shoulder pads are not far behind and get in the mood. No stirups though. Yeah I rocked the 4inch pumps with the stirup leggings.

I am going to give another shot. Oh yeah, I suppose it would help if I commented on the blogs that I read. I think that's how it worked last time.

Oh yeah, I need a picture. People like pictures.

How about those 80's. Is it just me or do I have vampire teeth in that pic?

1 comment:

  1. Awesome picture! Yep, you kept a good blog back in the day...maybe we can both keep up with one somehow!