Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Does this attitude make my butt look fat?

OK, I'm back. I just want to scream when I hear that "stoking the metabolism, starvation-mode, eat-every-3-hours" rhetoric. There I said it. I refrain from making those SCREAMING comments on blogs because it is just too ingrained in people. But this is my blog, so I can do what I want. I would find a smiley with the tongue sticking out, but I am too lazy for that.

While I am bitching away here, I would like to say that I get very disappointed when I see recipes that start out with a mouth-watering picture and then I get to the ingredients and see Splenda or some other non-food.

Man I could go off, but I already sound pissy. But please, People, eat food. Not fake food, not mysterious microwave concotions involving whey protein powder, sugar-free maple syrup (what could possibly be in that?) fat-free anything...etc...

I say this because I want you to be healthy. I really do. Yeah, I harp on being in Austria and the differences between Americans, but take note. People in Europe generally eat better. Not less, better. There are less fat people and less cellulite. Splenda is not sold here. Maybe it is sour grapes...kidding.

You may think you are getting away with something saving calories with fake food but the chickens will come home to roost and you do not want a body filled up with toxic waste.


  1. Hey Jen, just drop by to say you look awesome and inspiring.

    I have been weight lifting since i was 13 years old myself i am now 37, and because of the bodybuilding (Clown) magazine i never quit look the way i wanted to, yeah i build some good mass, 215 pounds now but i never got cut up, and that 6 meals per day YAGGGGG.

    Your abs pics look amazing, i am doing Eat stop Eat myself, and trying to eat 1-2 times per day, my BF is 22% so i have a long way to go before reaching the single digit, but i am ready for war LOL.

    Note sure if you did P90X you got it on your blog, i am doing part of it right now and yes its awesome. Another myth that i learned doing P90X is that you can really build a solid body only by doing push ups and body weight exercises, they say you need to do from 6-10 reps heavy to build muscles, that is bull right there once again because on the dumbell exercises on P90X i shoot for 12-15 and am building some really nice muscles, the weight has to be challenging of course but P90X shows you to work every muscles fiber in your body.

    Thanks again Jen and you look awesome, see ya in 2 years LOL lets hope i get that mid section its to die for WOW.

  2. Hi Anon,
    Thanks for swinging by and thanks for the kind words.
    Yes, I did P90X. And then I did Insanity. Both programs are kickass, but for different reasons.
    I teach fitness classes and it is hard to keep up either of those programs on top of my classes, but I throw them into the mix of my personal workouts. And I TOTALLY use elements from each program for my students, including Tony's corny jokes. Unfortunately something gets lost in translation and often they fall flat. But I get to laugh at myself and that is fun too.

    Keep at the journey. It truly doesn't have to be so darn complicated.


  3. Jen, you should charge people to look at you. I don't know how old you are but you are so FINE!!! This is coming from a 25 year-old, very turned-on man. Have a great day! ;-)