Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maybe that last post was a little self-righteous. Food tends to get religious and everyone thinks their way is the best way. I thought about apologizing for getting down on people's food choices, but I am not really sorry about my feelings towards that crap.

What absolutely kills me is kids eating processed fake food. It is the same with smoking. I will say it again, THEY STILL SMOKE IN PUBLIC PLACES here in Austria. And to top it off, you will see babies strapped in their little seats with 4 adults puffing away right next to them.

Need I say more? Ok, one more thing, child abuse.

It's one thing to not really know what good nutrition is and think you are doing your best for your family. It's just lame and stupid to NOT know second hand smoke would be bad for a baby.

Ok, I am going off again.

Serenity now. Today I teach 2 classes. The first is for a large office in the city. They are the school board employees and it started out as a healthy-back, stretching class. It has morphed into a kickboxing and yoga class. Anyway it is a lot of fun and my students are great. I really feel appreciated. Well all my classes are like that. I am so grateful to have a job that I love, would do for free and get paid. Right on.

Class number 2 is my hardcore P90X/Insanity/boot camp/muay thai kickboxing class. I love this one too. I have a group of like-minded woman that love to sweat.

Next month I will start training the football (soccer) teams. They want some upper-body training since their sport is lower-body dominant. Oh yeah, they will get aquainted with the chin-up bar for sure. THAT should be fun.

That's all I got. I was going to take a pic in a happy-the-flippin'-weather-is-warmer pic, but the hubby borrowed my camera. So I leave you with this pic.

*Me and Dad: What is scary is that he was 10 years younger than me in that pic. Yikes. Anyway I think it's cool and what is even cooler is that my dad still looks THAT good. No sh$t.

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  1. I am the same way about people smoking around their kids, especially in the car. So not fair. And that is awesome about your dad being fit and staying fit. ;-) I'm off to do some Insanity/P90X madness today myself! ;-) WOOT!