Thursday, April 22, 2010

Keeping It Real

I have purposely avoided doing a fast on my "hard" day because it is my hard day and why add more to my plate. Or in this case, remove all food from it. haha.
But I wanted to try it and see if it would really be so bad.

First off, I like to fast on busy days. The time flies and I am distracted from thnking about eating. Those are ideal fast days. My "hard" day consists of teaching 2 classes, pretty hard ones. I do back to back kickboxing classes on Wednesday night and that surprisingly is easier than one class mid-day and one in the evening.

I ate breakfast at 8am and my fast goes until tomorrow at 8am. I taught my first class at 12:15pm. For some reason I was having an off-German day. That is when I completely struggle with the language and I really hate it. I get self-conscious and I am out of the groove. But I wasn't hungry and my energy was fine. Now I am an hour and 1/2 out from my evening class and I am hungry. Nothing I can't stand though. We'll see how this one goes. I kind of don't imagine my German improving, but right now I am thinking about how I can't wait to go to sleep.

I could throw a cicuit wrokout at them and supervise, but I do want to know how it is to do the fasts and the workouts. So no cheating.

And this pic has nothing to do with this post except I am thinking that sign for the pizzaria in the back is looking yummy. Italian cops are the best. They wear white belts, and are super-friendly. Oh wait, all Italian men are super-friendly. Even the toddlers are flirtatious.


  1. LOL! Love the comment about the Italian policemen. We encountered some one time on a trip and you are soooo RIGHT!!
    I've been craving pizza the last few days. Not sure why....
    And I always fast on my busy days for the exact reason that time does fly and I have to free minutes to eat anyhow so it's much easier.
    Good luck at your class tonight!

  2. Ahhh. Italian men, I need one of those. ;-)
    I'm the same way- still a newbie obviously with the fasting but I like to start the fast right after breakfast, and I like to do it during the week, when I'm working like a madwoman, much easier to do. Weekends, I'm usually trying to squeeze in some down chillaxin time and that is NOT the time to be fasting! LOL